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Arm Bar

Doing lighting for Arm Bar was exciting not just for the vibrant colors and moody shadows the story called for, but because I met so many talented, awesome people I've continued to work with over the years. The film was very recently accepted into a few festials around the country, so please enjoy the trailer until I can put the entire film up for you to see.

Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky is a short film about finding your strength in a world that discourages creativity. The story called for a gritty, 80's video look. The film is currently making the rounds in festivals so it can't be shown publicly, but here are some stills from the full film. I did camera and lights.


This short film is about a lesbian couple in the 1960's coming home after a bar raid and enduring the repercussions of police harassment and violence. I did lighting and grip.

What I Like About Myself

Short film made by, and about, the clients at the Gateway Counseling Center's Bronx location. I supervised  shooting and then edited the film.

Nantucket: The Official Hamlet of Chris Matthews

In 2012 I had just graduated college and found a position at 228 & Co. on Nantucket MA, making  one short documentary per week as well as lighting and running sound for two live, hour-long broadcasts every weekend. In this short doc, Chris Matthews tells us why he is enamored with the island of Nantucket.

Maybe Sunshine! Episode Four

I had a blast as Cinematographer and Producer for Maybe Sunshine, the web series created by and starring Goth-Punk icon and Venture Brothers voice actor Lisa Hammer. See the full series here.

P.S. Make sure you check out this behind the scenes featurette about the Maybe Sunshine camera department!

The Brooklyn Knights Rehearse at Spoke The Hub

Perry Garret has worked at Gateway Counseling Center for years, changing lives positively through dance.  In this short documentary we learn his method of teaching dance to a unique population and discover the roots of his passion for creative movement.

Work In Process Pilot End Scene

This is the emotional final scene from the pilot episode of a television format web series for which I did camera and lights.

Nantucket's World Renowned Street Musicians

The Saltwater Stringband of Nantucket is made up of three classically trained musicians that have decided to direct their talents towards the art of bluegrass.

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